A letter from Madrid

St Raphaelas Secondary School

Hi mum!

Madrid had great so far, but I think the most unforgettable thing about this whole trip is honestly the plane ride! So I sat down, row 13, seat A (widow seat, yay) and I suddenly got a push to reality. I went from thinking I was so mature for flying alone to panicking because there was a one-in-a-million chance I was going to die. Thank god that everyone around me was calm when there was slight turbulence otherwise, someone would have had to call for help because a thirteen-year-old had a heart attack! I arrived in Malaga at about half eight. I met my dad at Malaga airport and we went to the car to see Lola and her dad, fast asleep, mouths half open. Luckily, we had enough energy to sing “let it go” until our dads’ heads exploded! We arrived in a hostel near Madrid at about 2 in the morning, where we stayed the night. In the morning, we went to the Bernabeu stadium to watch Spain against Argentina. We honestly looked like a bunch of excited tourists. I was wearing a red and yellow clown hat, my dad wore a huge Spanish flag around him, Lola’s dad wore a red and yellow afro and Lola wore a Spain t-shirt. We then bought one of those face paint sticks, the ones that look like red and yellow deodorant, and we covered ourselves in it. I even had it all over my arms and legs. I took about half an hour in the shower when we got to the hostel. The stadium was HUGE. We both sang our anthems when the teams came on, and fast forward to the end, we won 5-2. That night, we stayed at a hotel in Madrid city. The next day, we went to a safari in Madrid, which is called safari Madrid. Very original name, I know. It was all fun and games until a llama sneezed on me. Twice. Sometimes, when we were going extra slow (we were in a car) the animals would just poke their heads in and ask for food. May not have been the most hygienic trip, but the photos were great! I wish all zoos in Ireland were like that. We’d drive around and see all the wild animals, instead of them being kept in captivity. We ate lunch in a small restaurant over there. In the evening, we went to a place where there were about 15 goats. We were lucky and saw tiny baby goats too, which you could literally hold in your arms. they kept jumping up on me, as I had a bag full of carrots, which emptied surprisingly quickly. At about half nine, my friend Candela, her dad and his girlfriend, Sonia also surprisingly came. And guess who else came? Lola’s cousin and her dad! It was like a party in that hotel. We had to order two rooms, with eight beds and four bathrooms in total. I remember having a facial cleanse with Candela using the free shower gel provided by the hotel. The next and last day we were in Madrid, We all went to warner park. There was even a ride where they provided virtual reality goggles. It was Batman related, and the Joker pushed you own a building and we saw all types of things, like carnivore plants and lots of snow. It went by so fast, it was all a blur. When the park was nearly closing, we took advantage of the small queues and went on almost every ride! We are now back in Cadiz at my dad’s house.

I’ll call you tomorrow.

Miss you!