A letter from Hell

Gorey Community School


Dear Mama Bear,

Hello mammy, I’m sorry, I never knew this would happen and I wish I could take it back. I hope everyone is doing well and no one misses me. How’s the dog? Does she notice I’m no longer there to play with or to snuggle? It’s weird here, I hate it. Everyone is so mean and I don’t know why. Mammy, I’m scared here, I only have one friend which is weird because I had loads of friends back home. But this isn’t home, I couldn’t be farther from home, I get sad a lot but my friend helps me. His name is Hades, I know funny name but he is so kind and silly, it’s strange though I feel like he doesn’t know how to act, it’s almost like he has never had a friend before and I have never seen him with anyone else before. Well, that’s not true I saw him talking to this one…. person? I kind of only saw a shadow but it was really ugly and looked like it had horns??? I don’t know, this place is different, people don’t like talking and sometimes I can’t sleep because they scream at night. I think people are having really bad nightmares which I get if I was by myself I’d probably have nightmares too. I just wish someone would answer all of my questions, I try to ask Hades so many questions but he always just says “it’s none of your concern” like what does that even mean?!! I just want to know why everyone looks sad or scared; I just want everyone to be happy. I feel like he’s hiding something from me but whenever I go to ask someone they just run away from me and I don’t know why! They are all so cruel, it’s almost like they’re scared to be near me? I hope I didn’t scare anyone but I don’t understand why, they all look scary and I’m just a short 10-year-old who plays with rocks, mommy I don’t understand. Oh my god! Mammy I nearly forgot to describe this place, I feel like you should know. Well, it’s weird it’s very dark and gloomy, and where it’s not dark it’s all lava and fire but there are a few pretty places, like there is this big scary castle but if u sneak into the area behind it you can see the most beautiful garden and lake with the strangest creatures I have ever seen. It’s so pretty I wish I could show u, mommy, I just hope I can see you again someday soon and maybe then u can answer all my questions! Like why does everyone look so sad? Why is it so dark here? Do you all miss me? Will I get to go home soon?

And my last two questions are what does Hell mean and why does everyone say that we are living in it?

I love you!

Love Penny.