A letter from hell

Gorey community school

Dear Siobhan,

Where to begin! Suffices to say this has been the trip from hell! On day one we decided to be adventures and go hiking. Of course, none of us bothered to check the weather forecast and we didn’t know the area well. Taking what we thought we needed, we asked the local publican for a good hiking route. Off the three of us went up the mountain. We were having a great time stopping now and then to take photos of the beautiful picturesque landscape. We noticed the temperature was rising but sure it’s the middle of August! After a while we reached the summit of mountain and looked down to see the most horrifying scene. People were running everywhere screaming, coming out of shops. You could make out some people were trying to spread the word. All you could hear was the numerous different sirens going off and the fire engines speeding up the motorway. Clouds of grey smoke could be seen covering the scene and rising up the mountain. I turned to look at Jane who was red in the face and finding it hard to breath. She looked back at me scared and coughing. I then turned to see Caroline gasping for air looking like she was going to faint at any moment. Sure enough a minute later she fall to the ground unconscious, lucky I caught her before her head hit a massive rock. I laid her down gently and we waited to see if she would wake up. Jane and I looked at each other stunned hoping she would wake up sooner rather than later because the temperature was starting to rise even more and we were running out of water. We barely had enough for Caroline when she awoke a few moments later. All three were just about to see each other because at this stage the smoke had gotten thicker and was making it hard to see. We were all coughing and in that moment I didn’t know what else to do other than scream as loud as I possibly could. The girls looked at me confused at first but then quickly joined in. As if almost from a movie a man appeared from behind the smoke. I was never one to believe in miraculous but this definitely felt like one! He started screaming ushering at us pointing down the mountain. We couldn’t understand what he was trying to tell us with his strong Spanish accent. But we were able to make out that he was pointing at a different path down the mountain so we walked towards it and he led us down the mountain towards the sea. When we got to the bottom we were right beside the sea and far enough from the smoke. We stayed in the sea on till a rescue boat came.

Needless to say this was definitely a trip from hell and have no intensions on going back to Spain any time soon.