A Letter from Australia

Athenry Presentation College

54 Dingo Street,




Dear Mom,

How are you and everyone? Any news back home?

Missing all of ye and the rain. It is scorching hot, out here in Australia. I cannot believe it has only been two months since I moved out here. I am planning to come home for Christmas. I can’t wait! You will never believe what happened last week. My mate and I went on a road trip to Ayers Rock. It’s about 440km west of Alice Springs. We were traveling all night through the outback; the open road seemed to stretch on forever. When suddenly our car came to a halt. All the petrol was gone and my mate forgot to bring the extra container of petrol. We were both getting worried, as we were in the middle of nowhere. We both knew a lot of horror stories of tourists stranded for days and stories about vicious wild animals. We were both tired from driving, so decided to go to sleep and deal with the problem in the morning. We woke up to a howling noise outside the car, we were so frightened. There was a wild dingo looking straight in at us, and we didn’t know what to do. Then suddenly, in the distance, we could see a vehicle coming towards us. It was an old man on a loud, rusty old tractor. He had come just in time. The man scared away the dingo and asked us “Were we ok”? I told him about what happened and he offered us a lift on his tractor to the nearest town. I agreed straight away. I was just happy to get away from the dingo.

After an hour or two on the bumpy, rattley tractor, we arrived in a small town. We thanked the man and we left trying to find a taxi. Then I realized our wallets and our phones were left in the car. We both wished we had never gone on this road trip. We had no money and we were in a place we had never been to before. But our luck changed, my mate and I went into a pub and the first person I saw was Paddy Long. Remember my old school friend from secondary school? We talked and had a few pints. I told him all about our predicament and he said he could bring us back to Sydney in the morning as he worked there. We spent the night at Paddy’s house having the craic and the next morning he brought us back to Sydney. We managed to get the rental car back with all our belongings. I was so happy to be back safe but looking back, it was such an adventure. We are still laughing of the thoughts of meeting Paddy, all the way from Galway in a small town in the outback of Australia.

I am missing you so much but will write soon again.

Goodbye for now,

From Conor