A Letter back home

St. mary's Holy Faith Killester Dublin 5

A Letter Home

Dear Mam and Dad

How are yous and the dog? How is the weather at home it’s so hot over here it’s been in the thirties? I just haven’t had the time to be writing back to you as much as I would like to, and you will love that I haven’t even been on my phone as much I’m just so busy with work and jobs.    With work they have been putting me up the best hotels you can think of at the moment I am staying in LA Beverly Hills in this amazing hotel called SLS Beverly Hills. I just landed last night from New York I was there for New York Fashion week I got to walk the red carpet with all the best models you can think of the girls from Victoria Secret and even Kendall Jenner.  That was one of the best things that has happened to me yet. Tonight I’m just going to take it easy tonight because I haven’t got a proper night sleep since I got here. The food has been so nice I’ve been still trying to keep up with my fitness. Laura has been putting me in the best outfits.  How’s Nanny and Grandad I’m going to get a flight back for Grandad’s birthday at the end of the month. I think all my jobs will be over by then as well and then I can come back home and focus on dancing again.   I have loved the shopping and I thought I would miss home a lot but I have made great friends with the other models that have come out with me. It’s been worth every moment I have had the best time doing something I have always wanted to do. All the team have looked after me and all the girls so well making sure we felt at home and have kept us doing things when we weren’t working.

Hopefully, you can come over in summer because the kids won’t be in school if I get called back over in summer. Oh, ye I forgot to say when I was walking in fashion week in London a representative from Moulin fashion headquarters in Paris, he asked me would I be interested in coming over to work with his clothes “I was like omg yes of course”   Doing this is the best decision ever because now I have more and more agents noticing me. But I need to thank you and Dad for believing in me because if not I wouldn’t be here so thanks so much and tell all the family I said hi and I hope everyone is doing well I can’t wait to see them all.

It’s been a long 9 weeks but its nearly the end now only 2 weeks left I’m glad you and Dad told me to stick it out.

See you soon lots of love

Sophie xoxo