A Korean Dream

Scoil Mhuire, Corofin, Co. Clare


I honestly can’t tell you how amazing it is here in Korea. I will be leaving here in two days and as much as I am missing you guys, I am honestly dreading it. One is the awful flight back. Guess what they give you on the plane. A cup of water and cold peas for the whole flight! Two is I have felt more at home here then anywhere else, even my real home! I’m sorry I couldn’t write last week. I simply left it on the long finger and on Saturday night the noise the neighbours were making! You would have thought a police car had turned on its siren in a biscuit tin. It was so loud I slept nearly all Sunday! The hotel I am staying in has no showers so you have to make do with the river. It’s not as bad as it sounds but I would prefer a little more privacy. Yesterday I went to a zoo and I got to ride an elephant! But the elephant decided to take a chance and run. It took the zookeepers a long time to find us. It is hard to get directions around here because I don’t speak Korean. Thank the Lord for Google maps.

Anyway, got to go, my fish is getting cold.

See you soon!