St Josephs B.N.S

Dearest Brother,

I am writing to you to inform you that I have arrived safely in France, the home of what remains of the ‘Treacherous Trenches’. When I set my gaze upon the remains, I had a sudden flashback to my childhood experience of ww1. The memories flickered through my mind as if an old worn out recording were playing. You, the rest of the family and I had to evacuate the country. We were so small and helpless. We would cling onto our parents and ask whats happening. ¬†Our mother was hopeful and brave, without her, we would be dust, literally! Those times of war were some scary times. Most of the time we would wonder, would we live or would we die? Anyways, lets not let that dark stuff get the better of us, this is a summer holiday after all! Summer is meant to be a happy season! Some of the locals here have been so kind. Even though my French is a bit rusty, they treat me like they do to a normal French man or woman. I feel almost at home here. You should visit one time, trust me, you will love it! The weather, the people, the food and not to forget the amazing landmarks. The Eiffel Tower in Paris is a complete masterpiece. All the passing tourists when you are on top of the tower look like ants.

Honestly, France is the ideal holiday location.

Best Wishes, Paul ( Your Big Bro)