A Flight Away

gorey community school

A Letter Home

May 30 2019




Dear Iomar

Hi Sis. How are you? So, I am getting on the plane tomorrow to go home. I don’t feel ready to fly again but the quicker I’m home the better. I am writing this letter because I never got to tell you the whole story over the phone and what else am I going to do in Australian border control? So, I suppose I’ll start from the beginning then. Here we go.

As you know I was boarding my flight to go visit my friends in New Zealand. I sat down onto the plane and started watching the new Marvel movie. It was going to be a long flight. I relaxed and ordered a sandwich I was sitting by the window with one other person beside me.  After some time during the flight, I fell asleep. About 12 hours had passed from the flight and I woke up to a shudder. I Thought that it must have been turbulence. I was wrong.

The plane began to violently shake. I heard cry’s and shouts all over the plane. Suddenly I heard the pilots voice through the intercom. I could barely make out what he said overall the commotion. But I heard one thing. Prepare for an emergency landing. The plane began to dip and spiral towards the sea. I put on my life jacket and prepared. But nothing could have prepared me for the terrible screech of the plane tearing apart.

I was suddenly thrust into water. The ice-cold water sent my body into a state of shock. I kicked as hard as I could and reached the top of the water far in the distance, I could see the faint light of the plane. I blew the whistle attached to my jacket hoping to be saved.  I swam as hard as I could but the tide kept pushing me back. Soon the planes light had disappeared entirely. I spent the next who knows how many hours aimlessly floating trying to stay warm. I thought I was done for the sun began to rise and that’s when I noticed a small landmass so far away. Regaining all my strength and will, I swam as hard as I could. I was going to make it.

I reached the land many hours later on a small beach. I lay down on to the ground and fell unconscious.

I woke in a bed with dry clothes on me. A man entered the room thankfully he spoke English. He explained the situation and told me that the whole world knew about the plane that never reached its destination. I had arrived on the coast of Australia and was safe.

So here I am now. I am being treated very well although I am still illegally here so I will be leaving to come home tomorrow. I can’t wait to see you all, hopefully, my flight arrives on time this time.

From Enda