A Father’s Mission

Gaelcholáiste Luimnigh

September 14th, 1846

Dear Wife,

How are you? I am currently on my way to the “City That Never Sleeps”. I hope that you and the kids are doing okay. I know this is hard for you, but we’ll get through this. Once I get off this awful smelling coffin ship, I will find land near New York and start building our new home. I promise it won’t be long, just hold on tight. I am currently curled up on the bottom bunk of the bed, that I am sharing with four others. There used to be another one of us, Andrew, but sadly he passed away yesterday morning. Life isn’t the worst here, except for people getting sick everywhere and mothers grieving that they can’t find their missing children. The smell is horrible, worse than you can imagine. The only thing keeping me sane is the thought of reuniting with you and the kids in our new home. Do you have enough food? Before I left, I placed three fresh bread loaves in the bread bin. Hopefully that will keep you and the kids fed for at least the next week. Speaking of the kids, how is Charlie? He didn’t sound too well when I left on Sunday morning. If he isn’t getting any better, make sure to take him down to Doctor Lynch. It might cost us some money but it’s worth it, we can’t lose another child due to this devastating Plague. I only have two weeks left on this journey, before I start the real challenge. As soon as the ship arrives at the harbour, I plan to gather all my goods and set foot on the second stage of my trip. I plan to walk days upon days until I find the right spot to settle down, then start building. Oh, if only you could see the image I have pictured in my mind, it’s beautiful. In it, you, me, Charlie, Mary and little Tom are standing outside our new home living the best life you could imagine. I have to go now Mary, but I will write to you again soon. I think of you day and night, while doing everything and anything, you will never leave my mind.

Lots of Love,