A Dublin Airport Adventure

st Josephs spainish point, co clare

Terminal 1,


Co. Dublin,



Hi Mammy,

I have arrived at the airport intact. I  have parked my car in the top storey of the parking lot like you told me to. It took me a while to get to the top but there were loads of spaces. Thanks for the suggestion. I have checked in my bag and I made sure it was locked. If it should, however, open I have also put a green ribbon around the handle to hopefully prevent someone taking it. There wasn’t that big of a queue because I was so early, first one in line in fact. I’ve gone through duty-free nothing but shelves stacked with worthless souvenirs stands with people trying to sell me expensive perfume or their newest foundation. I can tell you for a fact  I have no intention of buying anything. I did go into this dainty little cafe. You would have liked it, it had lilac walls with floral wallpaper on the back wall it had wooden chairs and tables. It then obviously had a counter with all the foods and drinks, I just got a ham roll and a Vit -Hit drink.

I have reached my gate. It’s just rows of seats filled with sleepy people and, excited children running around and screaming, the few businessmen hammering their laptops angrily, the young couples and the old couples and a few people just like me, a 20-year-old walking around Dublin airport by themselves.   I will be boarding in half an hour. I’m bored and tired  I have sat near a big window on a tight, uncomfortable black chair in a row with armrests either side looking out onto the runway. It’s annoying every time I go to doze off a plane lands. I’ve never seen so many planes take off and land so many people waving ping pong like sticks in the air, so many bags of luggage been thrown on the cart or onto the plane so carelessly. Tanned holiday makers come off the plane, getting hit in the face with the cool Irish breeze and the few foreigners who seem to be shocked by the coldness. I don’t know what they were expecting but I know I’m expecting good weather when I get off!   It’s been a while now and I swear if I hear one more announcement about boarding flights and unattended luggage I’m going to crack. To add to the drama the flight has been delayed by an hour, which is not exactly ideal. Now I’m stuck here with my legs sticking to the chair, my back sweating and everything feeling uncomfortable and I just want to get into my pyjamas and go to bed, my own bed, a hotel bed, any bed. A big king size bed with soft squishy cushions and a big furry blankets.   It has started to get dark and the incoming Aer Lingus flight has just landed. There are a lot of people looking sad about having left, one mother has three curly, redheaded triplets running around her while she’s trying to fish out her buggy from the pile, the poor thing.  But alas it is my turn so I have got to go as they have started boarding. I’ll write when I land again (God this unplugged holiday is going to be hard!) Sorry if this letter doesn’t send for ages.

Bye for now.

I’ll talk when I land or whenever I get a chance.


Ellen xxxxxx