A day in the life without color

Gaelcholáiste luimnigh

A day in the life without colour


Dear Mom and Dad

I’m still in New York because I missed my flight yesterday, so I’ll be here for another week. But my day has sort of been strange. When I woke up the whole room was black and white like an old movie, but I thought nothing about it. When I went for breakfast everybody was dressed like it was the 1950s (that’s when I got really confused). As I walked out of the hotel everybody was looking at me and I quickly realized that it was the clothes I was wearing, there was also a big sign for a drive-in theatre (and I’m not sure about you but I’ve never heard of those before).

It was coming up to lunchtime so I decided to take a bus to Starbucks, but the bus had a rounded roof and it looked like it was made from a tin can, and to make matters worse when I got to Starbucks (well I thought I was at Starbucks) it wasn’t even there. I asked the bus driver where it was and he told me “Star… what never heard of that place”, ‘do you need some help?”, “are you ok?”. When I asked him the date he said it was the “11/6/1950”, I gave him that look where I raise one eyebrow. Then I ran to the nearest news agency and looked at the paper, to my disbelief and horror it said 11/6/1950. I thought “he was right”. I sat down a silently screamed to myself “What did I do to myself?”, and then I muttered, “I should have stayed at home”.

Eventually I pulled my self back together and went for my lunch. The waiter  who helped me was really nice and and after his shift we went to Central Park(but it didn’t look like how I remembered it from the year before). His name was Parker and after that, he walked me back to my hotel where we said goodbye. (we’re meeting up for lunch tomorrow in the same place). As I got to my hotel room there was a newspaper sitting on my bed and it still was dated 1950, but I calmed my self down and thought how my day didn’t up to being so bad. An hour later I went to bed. The next morning I woke up and everything was back to colour, I couldn’t believe it(I was so happy). The news paper was even dated the 12/6/18. But then I thought about parker and sighed it must have all been a dream.

Lots of love from,

Your favourite daughter, talk to you soon.