A crazy advanture

Ard Scoil na nDeise



Dear Mam and Dad,

Hi to everyone hope everything is well at home? I am getting on great here in Florida the suns shining down on me. I have lost count of how many times I’ve been sun burned I know that granddad will be giving out to be about it if he knew! I arrived here 10 days ago and I am loving it here since the day I have arrived Muireann is here with and were having great fun we go to the beach every morning at 7 when the sun is beginning to rise, we go for a walk and sometimes a swim. We plan on going cliff diving tomorrow it sounds scary right! Some evenings we would meet up with a few other girls who we have met her and go out for dinner. The atmosphere is so different to home its so relaxed but still great fun.

Yesterday we went to the Longines show jumping competition only the top of celebrities get in but of course we thought we could get to see it over the wall so we went. We dressed up a bit in dresses and heels to look as if we belonged! We wanted to get in so I said we would make up a story and try to get in(Just like something Dad would do!) .So we went up to the gate and said that our brother was competing and they believed us and left us in. We went straight up to the corporation box where we met celebrities such as Marshmallow, Lady Gaga and Bradley Copper to name but a few. It was amazing they were great fun.   I had to make up a story of who my brother was so I said it was Bertram Allen so when it was his time to jump we got all excited and started cheering and calling his name. Suddenly he was in the top 5 and got into the jump off it was great everyone was telling us he was great and we agreed! Then he won the jump-off by 0.006 seconds it was unreal then they ushered us in to get our “Family” photograph together so we played on and got the photograph but then they security ratted us out and we got thrown out! It was so embarrassing but then we just started laughing as we had a great day, a photograph with Mr. Allen himself, and met loads off celebrities. It was an amazing opportunity and adventure I would never have dreamed of!   I know this sound as I have made it up but it’s true I’ll send you a few photos of it to prove myself! That’s really all for now but don’t worry I’m sure I’ll have a few more great adventures and ill write to you as soon as possible. I am sure Michael won’t be too happy to know who I met and won’t believe me but trust me its true!

Don’t forget to write back to me soon I’m sure your stories won’t be as good as mine!

Lots of love from your famous family member

Maeve xx