The land down under

pobalscoil iosolde

Dear Mam,

I’m sorry it’s been so long since my last letter, moving my whole life to the other side of the world has proved to be more hectic than I thought it would be. Australia feels a million miles from home right now, but I’m hoping over time this can become my home too. The minute I stepped of that flight I knew I had made the right choice coming here, it’s time for me to start to build something for myself, to start fresh and grab the opportunities that are thrown my way. The weather here is phenomenal, it’s hard to believe the same sun that appears twice a year back home (if were even that lucky) shines so intensely in the sky. It’s like our little island is hidden under the clouds while the golden rays beam down onto the other side of the world. The people here are friendly too, I was terrified sparking my first conversation with someone, it was like I had finally left home, what if I never met anyone Irish again after that? My fear was premature, 4 Irish girls live in the apartment downstairs. Hopefully they can tell me where to get some Lyons teabags, the box you packed me will only last so long. My roommates are the nicest girls ever too! We’ve already been shopping and everything. They’re both Australian though so I’ll have to endure some light teasing on my farmer’s voice for the moment. I think I can be really happy here. Despite everything here and how different and idyllic my new life seems to be, I have this feeling gnawing at my stomach. For the first few days I thought it was just travel sickness. But I’ve come to realise its homesickness rather than travel. I miss you all so much, our little green country seems so far away. I’ve never been the patriotic type but my heart swells with joy thinking of where I come from now. Its like I had to leave to realise just how much space you all held in my heart, its you, my family that ties me to that little island drifting at sea. You and dad have always carried me, always been there to pick me back up, and I’ll always need you to be there for me, without you mam I wouldn’t be able to take such a leap. Your love and courage has given be the strength I needed for my new beginning. Goodbyes don’t last forever, vast oceans may separate us but no distance could make me forget about my family. You and Dad will always be my home, no matter where in the world I may be, I am always thinking of you, of your nagging that you’re the only one that cleans the house, of the countless mornings you had to drag me out of my bed, or even of Dad falling asleep 10 times a day of the sofa. It’s the little things I miss most. Time will fly and before you know it i’ll be home like I never left. Thank you for everything Mam, don’t miss me too much. I know home won’t feel the same without me.

Love, Aoife