Take a trip on Route 66

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Santa Monica

California 17.

August 2017

Dear Libby,

I’ve made it, at long last! Myself and Lukas have conquered Route 66 and in 21 days too, all the way from Chicago to California and what an experience it has been. I have witnessed some of the world greatest natural and manmade masterpieces both peculiar and perplexing as well as encountering many unique experiences along the way. Our journey started as soon as we arrived at the airport in Chicago. We were well rested and fueled after the long flight so started straight on the road, in our, as I would say chic and vintage caravan which was definitely not up to your standards I’m sure. As I always say if you’re going to do it, do it the right way, experience it all. We drove the fuel tank dry and covered much terrain. It wasn’t long until Route 66 turned into one long faded grey road surrounded by miles of rusty desert reaching far beyond my sight. This fading of cities brought us to our first attraction, the world’s second largest rocking chair in Missouri, pretty iconic right! This gigantic 42 foot Route 66 Rocker is not like anything I’ve seen before.  The crowds of tourists stood around flashing selfies with this monumental piece of steel while we stood sheltered under the surrounding trees. The searing sun was beginning to take its toll on Lukas and his insipid white skin so we jumped back in the van and headed on the road again. Before entering Arizona, just as night was falling, we stopped off to see Arizona’s Painted Desert, a section of high plateau with an almost painted like stripped feature of various coloured stones. These magnum, yellow and magnolia strips stretched right across these mountains as if someone had stacked pieces of different coloured cakes on top on one another; it made me nostalgic for home- thinking of your mam’s baking skills.   Not only did we get to see this breathtaking natural grandeur but right above flickered hundreds of silver stars floating in the cloudless tapestry of the night sky. Lukas was star struck literally!! he was so overcome by the experience. It was a moment no picture could capture, it was the silence, the warming evening’s heat, and the captivating colours that came together to form this phenomenal occurrence. We decided to pack it in for the night and as we drove further through Arizona we came across the famous Wigwam Motel and we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to stay.  We stayed in a concrete built, tipi-shaped motel room in the middle of the desert. Feeling like highly energised Native Americans that next morning we jumped back into the caravan to earn our last few miles. After 4,000 Kilometers, 8 states, 21 memorable days and way too many diner dinners we finally completed our Route 66 road trip arriving in Santa Monica early yesterday morning. We took advantage of the beaming sunshine and headed straight for the beach. As I strolled down Santa Monica Pier passing the bustling carnival while the intemperate seagulls echoed their approval as discarded fries and popcorn became theirs,  I felt a sense of achievement peering out at the rolling Atlantic Ocean. All that’s left to do now is relax and enjoy the beauties of California before my return home this weekend. Looking forward to seeing you, showing you all the amazing photos and of course your presents, don’t worry I didn’t forget.

Also maybe your mam might bake 🙂 Until then, Lauren